cheam leisure centre

As part of a £3.3m development, NRT carried out the electrical refurbishment for the Leisure Centre at Cheam on behalf of the Main Contractor, R Durtnell & Sons, and the client.

The initial works of isolation and strip out, cleared the way for the main works to renovate the existing pool hall lighting along with surrounding offices, stores and changing rooms. Additional accessible WC’s were installed at both ends of the building, requiring new power and lighting to accommodate the specialist equipment within.

Whilst he main Pool Hall area lighting had generally been designed by the consultant, additional design was required to enhance the structural aspects of the installation to accommodate the existing structural elements of the roof, along with anti-corrosive coatings of powder coated PPC metal work.

The very nature of the corrosive atmosphere in the pool area, meant that all services on show required a high degree of protection from chlorine attack. Therefore the fittings were from Zumtobel’s TOL Range with T5 fluorescent lamps and full corrosion protection. They included DALI dimmable ballasts with daylight saving control, and a bank of switches installed at reception.

In addition to the downward facing fittings, Thorn LED Uplights have been installed along the top of the main containment to light the new Stow Rendered acoustic Raft ceiling with an excellent lighting effect, and around the perimeter walls for additional effect.