Emily Ash Trust

The Trust exists to support families who have children suffering with cancer…

Often families have to give up work and live without income for 1-2 years

They are often forced to live apart while one parent lives at the hospital for months on end during their child’s treatment

Families split up which adds to the trauma and stress

Feelings of isolation, fear and worry create stress enough to make parents ill

Many children survive the cancer but the treatment protocols are harsh and can leave children permanently disabled, blind or perhaps deaf

Siblings can go off the rails while parents devote all their time and attention to a sick child

Teenagers fall between child and adult care provision and can suffer from low self esteem and confidence as their appearance changes during treatment

Coping with the grief of losing a child is particularly difficult, some well timed support makes a huge difference

The Trust is a rapid response and flexible group that supports families with some of the needs they develop when their children face cancer. The group is entirely voluntary and targets its activity by working closely with hospital staff who recognize and highlight families that need help.

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