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About NRT Building Service Group

Our mission is to be the first choice for electrical and engineering installations, by providing services including home improvements, commercial and construction works and emergency services. This in turn will provide our clients with a service that can be considered first class.

We view our staff as an integral part of our long-term success, and with that in mind we are committed to providing them with an environment of development and growth.

With commitment to training and development, and with high standards in safety and service, we aim to provide continued Engineering Excellence.

We are accredited with the following bodies:-

CHASECAConstruction LineNICEICExor NRT

What We Do

Our Clients


''Because of our working relationship has extended to NRT’s management team to operate far closer with our client and in many cases directly and in parallel with our own management. We are able to trust and empower the team to make decisions albeit ensuring contractual terms are maintained. With the above in mind the client and our organisation are proud to say that NRT Building Services Group Ltd is regarded as a partner of choice.''

''The H&S performance of NRT Building Services Group Ltd is of priority to their business and all employees’ clients and general public who may come in contact with their works. All team members are diligent and well trained ensuring documentation is maintained issued and reviewed to ensure compliancy. PPE site arrangements are strictly delivered with regard to and CPHSP’s and RAM’s associated with the works.''